About us


Top-Q (formerly AQUA) Software was founded in 2005 and is a solutions company with roots in the R&D world: we developed the JSystem automation framework and are its primary integrator.

Top-Q provides solutions for all aspects of QA test automation: from planning and design, through onsite deployment to ongoing maintenance.

Our testing solutions are for software products as well as for critical business applications, including CRM, ETP, billing and financial applications.

Since 2005 we’ve conducted over 250 deployments of automated testing solutions in R&D centers. Our deployments include labs encompassing hundreds of tools, applications and peripherals, in companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper, Nokia Siemens and Avaya, Conduit, Cisco, DSPG, GE Healthcare, 888.

Our R&D background gives us a solid technical and conceptual understanding of the QA life cycle, enabling us to provide effective quality assurance solutions for any product or system. We are proficient in all leading tools in the industry: commercial and open source tools.

In this way, we save our customers thousands of QA man-hours, freeing valuable time for important QA work and for testing more features.

We provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that shorten testing cycles, provide real return on investment and deliver superior products and systems.

Today we’ve become a recognized authority on software and system test-automation. We also lead the test automation community with our Test Automation Forum and JSystem Forum, which bring together thousands of testers and QA engineers from all over the world.