Michael Oziransky, CEO

Michael joined Top-Q in 2008, bringing with him nearly a decade of R&D management experience. Michael was VP Engineering at Top-Q, responsible for the technical management and implementation of Top-Q’s projects for near three years. Previously, Michael worked at DSPG, where he held positions in the cordless systems development division. Michael also worked at networking and telecom equipment providers Nokia Siemens (formerly Atrica) and Telrad. Michael has a B.Sc. degree from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

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Itai Agmon, CTO

Itai joined Top-Q in 2007. Itai is an automation expert with vast experience in designing and implementing automation projects. Itai serves as the CTO of the company, responsible for the development of JSystem testing automation framework and the company technical roadmap. Itai served as the company Software Architect and led some of the major automation projects within the company.Itai holds a B.Tech degree in Software Engineering and a B.Tech degree in Industrial Engineering from the Shenkar College.

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Adi Rosenberg, VP HR

Adi joined Top-Q in 2008, bringing with her vast experience in the Human recourse management. Adi is a highly experienced Personnel Practitioner with a comprehensive and strategic understanding of HRM,

Adi holds responsibilities in fields of recruitment, Internal and commercial trainings, Employees carrier plans, Design and establish a corporate working structure, Board Level Presentation.

Adi worked in various leading HRM companies. Adi Holds BA in Sociology from Raanana College

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Eran Ruso, ALM & DevOps

Eran specializes in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methodologies and Deployment methodologies. Eran works in ALM since 2005 and consulted for more than 100 projects and customers.
Prior to joining Top-Q, Eran’s previous roles includes R&D, Quality Assurance , Delivery and Support Management. Eran has a B.Sc in Information Systems Engineering from Ben-Gurion University and MCTS in Team System.
Eran manages an active professional blog. Among his publication you can find tutorial, technical articles and team system tips and tricks.

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 Mika Arieli, Senior Sales Manager

Mika joined Top-Q in 2005, bringing with her 13 years in the Israeli hi tech industry. Mika holds the Responsibility for leading the complete sales cycle: Building up pipeline, forecasting and developing customer relations , managing, developing and increasing sales to both new and existing customers.

Mika Holds BA in Social Science and MA in Information Science, Both from Bar Ilan University.

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