AgileSparks is a company that provides complete Agile/Scrum solutions and helps companies to improve project management, with emphasis on software and hardware development.

The company is led by a team of experts in Agile and Scrum, including a Certified Scrum Trainer who has been approved by the International Scrum Alliance to certify Scrum Masters throughout the world.

Top-Q frequently join ventures with AgileSparks to enable Agile/Scrum solutions with test automation. 


SmartBear is focused on providing software developers, quality assurance engineers and IT professionals with powerful, affordable, and easy to use tools that make people more productive and help develop better software.

Top-Q is a certified SmartBear’s software reseller and provides consulting, implementation services and training to ensure the successful adoption and deployment of SmartBear’s TestComplete product.

John Bryce/Hi-Tech Colledge

John Bryce/Hi-Tech College, the Training Division of Matrix, is the leading training company in Israel, Europe, and China in the fields of computer , communications and information technology and for management, service, and sales skills.

Top-Q has partnered with John Bryce/Hi-Tech College to open a software test automation program. The program also offers tailor-made courses for specific company needs.

Please visit our training section for more information.