SeeTest Manual Tool

During my many lectures on mobile test automation I am facing a problem showing the actual mobile device that I am using during the lecture. In some cases an emulator will do just fine, but as we know not everything can be executed on an emulator. Recently I have started using SeeTest Manual. This is a great tool from Experitest. SeeTest Manual is only one of their great solution for mobile testing and test automation and it comes for free.

The idea is simple, connect your device to your PC, run SeeTest Manual. The tool has an option to identify a device (all popular platforms are supported). Once the device is identified the tool will remember it for future use.


Next step is to hit the “Open Device” and you will see your actual mobile device screen on your PC. The tool also allows you to manage the application that you are using/testing: install, uninstall, clear data, etc.

As I have mentioned the tools is great for showing your screen during a presentation and of course if you are manually testing your device, this tool can really boost up your performance: no more tediously typing on the device, easy to work on number of devices at the same time and of course you can always take screenshots for your reports. I hear that more cool features are coming in next versions. Stay tuned.

Michael Oziransky