Automation consulting

With the continuous rise of development capabilities within Hi-Tech companies, automation has long ceased to be record and play. The demand for creative, advanced and sophisticated automation solutions is at an all time high and automation projects are regarded as software development project in every sense.

Furthermore, in the world of agile development, full regression automation and the ability to quickly add supplementary tests to existing processes, in order to maintain short sprint intervals, is a must.

Top-Q’s years of hands on experience and collective know-how working on a wide range of projects from various disciplines, have provided it with a broad perspective, a close familiarity with variety of tools and a clear vision for future large scale , optimal implementations within the client’s operation.

Top-Q provides advanced Automation Consultancy Services for companies of all fields.

Our Services include:

  • Automation solution establishment or upgrade
  • Detection and selection of appropriate automation tools
  • Interfacing with existing systems
  • Test management
  • Project design
  • Definition of processes modified from manual to automated testing
  • Examination of tests requiring automation
  • Definition of success parameters (KPI)
  • Advising the R&D department regarding rendering the product more testable
  • Client trainings regarding automation procedures.