Load / Performance Testing

With more and more companies today becoming increasingly reliant on their websites as the source of their core business, reliability and performance are quickly becoming critical factors to their day to day flow of operations. With the immense amount of traffic and high service demand, QA teams, usually dedicated to maintaining high standards of Features and Functionality supported by a software system, must also ensure the system’s fluent performance under the expected loads.

Top Q employs experts in the field of load and performance, who use a variety of tools in order to perform the following procedures:

  • Map out relevant needs and requirements-         
  • Identify the key use cases for testing
  • Determine the key metrics and the acceptance level for each metric
  • Select the appropriate test tool
  • Create test scenarios
  • Execute and analyze results

Regardless of size, complexity or field of operation, Top Q’s expert team translates the client’s site requirements and creates convenient automated testing procedures, thus ensuring and enhancing the site’s durability and reliability.