Mobile Testing

From finance to communications, social media to retail, mobile application development is rapidly becoming a main part of the core business for all technologically conscious companies today.

Mobile testing at Top Q

Founded in 2005, Top-Q (formerly AQUA) Software is a leading software, system and mobile testing solutions company, providing solutions for all aspects of QA test automation: from planning and design, through onsite deployment to ongoing maintenance.

Trying to establish their dominance in the field, many companies invest in strong mobile testing and development capabilities, either outsourced or in-house, only to find that as a relatively young discipline, mobile development still has strides to go in order to reach the level of maturity found in other fields, such as web, networking etc.

One of the means to bridging these gaps and achieving the desired maturity level is mobile  testing automation that complements the overall development process.

While services such as image processing and global device banks provide partial solutions, the main challenge lies in the need to test various operating systems simultaneously. The problem deepens when it comes to android OS, due to the fragmentation issue which stems from the vast range of brands and their overwhelming number of respective models – an issue so far left unanswered.

In order to address these challenges, Top Q has developed an advanced Instrumentation based solution for the android and IOS environments.

Top Q’s advantages

Top Q’s cutting edge test automation solution works in direct accordance to the device’s operating system and is completely based on open source tools.

In addition to a providing a common interface for each of its mobile testing procedures, easing the automation process for the QA team, Top Q’s solution also smoothly integrates with JSystem and some other common test automation frameworks in use today like Junit and TestNG.