JSystem Course Syllabus

  • Course subject: Best practices of test automation development with JSystem.
  • Course objectives: Acquire the following skills in JSystem environment –
    Design test automation projects, build generic business-logic infrastructure, develop test procedures, manage and execute scenarios, analyze reports and build test matrices.
  • Target audience: QA, automation and software engineers wishing to acquire practical knowledge in test automation development in JSystem and JUnit frameworks.
  • Pre course requirements: Basic Java programming knowledge + working with Eclipse IDE.
  • Total hours: 32 Hours
  • Course preparations: Introduction to Java: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/
    Introduction to JSystem: www.jsystem.org
Day Course Topics Description


  • Introduction to Top-Q
  • Course objectives and syllabus
  • Logistics


  • Demo
  • Overview lecture

Java introduction

  • Java overview

Java Development env + technologies

  • Eclipse
  • Primitives
  • Flow control
  • Operators
  • OOP with java
  • Exceptions
  • Collections

Java technologies cont.

  • Class path and libraries
  • Xpath and XML manipulation API
  • Regular expressions
  • Ant
  • JUnit

JSystem overview and concepts

  • JSystem layers (System Objects, tests, scenarios)

JSystem services overview

  • Reporting
  • SUT independent
  • System Object lifecycle
  • Analyzers
  • Multi user support
  • Fixtures
  • Monitors
  • Graphs


  • Quick start project

JSystem Services drill down

  • See above

Working with JSystem Scenario studio and agents

  • Constructing JSystem scenarios form the tests and system objects using Aqua’s scenario studio

Connectivity packages

  • Telnet
  • RS232
  • SSH
  • TCL
  • Web

Web Testing

  • Working with Selenium

Summary Exercise

  • Summary exercise – write an automation project from start to end for a pre-defined test plan

Summary Exercise cont.


JSystem Advanced issue

  • JSystem services advanced capabilities
  • JRunner architecture and advanced features

Registration: info@top-q.co.il