• Course subject: Best practices using Selenium open source tool.
  • Course objectives: Acquire the following skills with Selenium –
    Understand Selenium 1&2 architecture, learn WebDriver approach, learn page processor design pattern, learn XPath, learn JavaScript basics, be able to execute Selenium tests using basic test automation framework.
  • Target audience: QA, automation and software engineers wishing to acquire practical knowledge in Web test automation development using Selenium.
  • Pre course requirements: Basic programming or Scripting skills.
  • Total hours: 16 Hours
  • Course preparations: Selenium documentation:
    XPath tutorial:
Day Topic Description

Java Overview & Test Automation

  • Java basics
  • Eclipse overview and best practices
  • Test Automation basics
  • JUnit overview and practice
  • Training

Selenium & Web Test Automation

  • Web test automation
  • Selenium overview
  • Selenium API
  • Training

Web Development Techniques

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Training
  • XPath overview
  • Training

Selenium Web Driver

  • Web driver overview
  • Web driver vs. Selenium standard API
  • Training

Page Object Design Pattern

  • Create a page object mechanism
  • Use page object design pattern on specific applications
  • Final exercise