Top-Q is the developer and primary integrator of the JSystem test automation framework. We have considerable experience deploying JSystem in various sectors including Networking, Java and Web.

JSystem is an open-source framework for writing and managing automated system tests. JSystem is written entirely in Java allowing rapid development of automation infrastructure and tests. It also contains drivers for all major testing tools, both open-source (such as Selenium, Sikuli, AutoIt, Wireshark, etc) and commercial (IXIA, Spirent, SmartBits, etc).

JSystem is widely used with connection to common CI tools, such as Hudson/Jenkins and TeamCity using built in command line interface and JUnit like reports.

The JSystem architecture separates between the actual writing of tests (done in Java), and the grouping of tests into test-scenarios as well as their execution and analysis – all of which don’t require knowledge of code and are done through an intuitive GUI interface (JRunner). 

For more information please visit JSystem open source site