What is Robotium ?

Robotium is a test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android mobile applications. It uses Android instrumentation to enable the Android developer to easily write and execute tests for both hybrid and native applications. Robotium exposes a self explanatory and simple API for controlling the application user interface and to assert various conditions. 

Testing android applications using Robotium

In the Android eco-system there are an overwhelming number of manufacturers, devices and versions. In addition, the consequences of bad reviews on the Android market due to poor support on some of the devices can harm severely the reputation of the application and the developing company.

Many times there is a need for the automation tests to be written by automation engineers or the QA testers and not by the Android developers. In addition, some system tests require performing operations on multiple devices. Since Robotium requires that the test cases would be deployed on the tested device as part of the application under test, it can’t be used to cover those needs successfully. 

How Top-Q has enhanced Robotium ?

For that reason, Top-Q has enhanced this great framework to allow powerful features

  • Remote execution – Tests can write in Java, Python and many other programming languages and can be executed with various test executions frameworks such as JUnit, TestNG and JSystem. 
  • Enhanced Scripting Support – Locating Android elements can be done by using an XPath style expression. This provides the tester a powerful way to find elements in the Android UI tree while keeping the tests relatively resistant to changes in the application interface.


Top-Q has also contributed some of the extension parts to the open source community.